When we started on December 7, 1991, our ministry was basically two itinerant evangelists traveling as God opened doors. My ministry friend was Samson Latchison...a true worshipper of God. He led worship and occasionally preached. I preached and never sang! We all know why. One year and ten months later, I married my bride, Joy; and Samson, although we hoped he would continue to travel, was called to co-pastor a church in Springfield, Missouri. Our singer changed from Samson to Joy...a beautiful voice as well, but much prettier to look at!!! Our ministry began to change. I am so thankful that what began to happen was God's idea alone. To be honest, it wasn't even on my radar screen. When God does the work everything goes so much better!
In June of 1992, we led a small group (20 people) on a short-term mission trip to inner-city Houston, Texas. In the summer of 1993, we led another group, even smaller in number. In July of 1994, Joy and I led a group of 50, again to Houston. Each time it was the result of different people from Missouri contacting us. God initiated it all. In the future years, our phone continued to ring and others, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, asked to come along.
By the year 2000, we had over 1,200 people involved. Over 90% being next generation high school and university students... WOW...Only God! During this time, God transitioned Global Encounter from a traveling evangelist type ministry to a traveling evangelist and a mission equipping/sending ministry.....Read More